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Salam and Hello,
I'm new to this blogging thing. A little confused, I guess everyone who starts there first blog post does. So I want you to know this Blog is going to be on beauty.. I know there are lots out there already. I want to do something more on natural makeup looks. Ideas to help with issue like all three Skin, Hair, and Nails. I'll like to talk about fashion and scarf (hijab). Accessories and more. So lets get started...

If you have heard of Yes to Carrots.. I have hair mask, it's the only hair mask I have. Its doesn't smell very nice. I go online all I see is Yes to carrots hair and scalp moisturizing treatment mud mask. Anyways, you apply to towel dry hair and massage thoroughly. Leave on for 12-15 mins and rinse with lukewarm water. I have fine hair. I didn't do much to my hair. Its still dry..now I have dandruff. Thanks yes to carrots. So I recommend no to use if you have fine hair. Now I need to look for a new hair treatment for home. Anyone has a good product to recommend? So.. it's late wow.. it's really late. Need to got get some sleep.. Blog you later.