Couple of eye looks.

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Just couple of eye looks. I hope you like it. Just a few look I have done.

Natural look

this look looks good with red lips
This was me trying to do Jangsara's look

I was doing Inspiration look of a frog.

So I hoped you enjoyed the few looks I put up. I'll post more things later. Blog you later.

Quo Face Brushes

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I got the Quo Face brushes. Love them.. They are purple and black. They are fiber dont konw which. I need a face brush set. MAC set was sold out. I found these. I really like them. They only cost me $40 Canadian. I haven't used them yet or did any looks.. I just use egg sponge from Sephora. I love.. It comes with puffy brush looks my contour brush. It has a angle. Concealer brush, foundation brush, fan brush and bronser brush. the handles are black with purple floral design. They two sets face set and eye set. The eye set is Blue and black more like blue-ish green more of a blue. I'll post more on them later. Here are two pics of them.. blog you later

SORRY!! Seacret nail care review

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Sorry I haven't been on feeling ill.. I had all the symptoms of flu.. I'm back still sick.. but much better. My little ones are sick too. Poor babies.

I got this nail buffer, lotion and cuticle oil. Its from Seacret. I love the buffer.. I didn't like any of the lotion but grape... I only paid $35. for it. She was asking $65. for one get the second for free. lol.. Still two much for me.. I just need a new buffer.. It was $29. that is crazy expensive. I thought might as well get the set. See, I have a bad habit of biting my nail. I know I know. I get nerves there they go. I tried everything.. no more biting creams polishes. I still bite my nails. Try to go to your local mall you should be about to get it or get more thoughts on it. I live in Canada.. It might be different in US or international. The packaging is ok on the lotion.. but the oil is cute.. but mine broke when I accidentally dropped it. :~ ( . So, on my over all thought on the product I like it. I give it 3 thumbs up.. oh, the lotion it not thick., hands are very soft after it dries. Just like a babies booty. They have a lot of other products just check out there website..

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