SORRY!! Seacret nail care review

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Sorry I haven't been on feeling ill.. I had all the symptoms of flu.. I'm back still sick.. but much better. My little ones are sick too. Poor babies.

I got this nail buffer, lotion and cuticle oil. Its from Seacret. I love the buffer.. I didn't like any of the lotion but grape... I only paid $35. for it. She was asking $65. for one get the second for free. lol.. Still two much for me.. I just need a new buffer.. It was $29. that is crazy expensive. I thought might as well get the set. See, I have a bad habit of biting my nail. I know I know. I get nerves there they go. I tried everything.. no more biting creams polishes. I still bite my nails. Try to go to your local mall you should be about to get it or get more thoughts on it. I live in Canada.. It might be different in US or international. The packaging is ok on the lotion.. but the oil is cute.. but mine broke when I accidentally dropped it. :~ ( . So, on my over all thought on the product I like it. I give it 3 thumbs up.. oh, the lotion it not thick., hands are very soft after it dries. Just like a babies booty. They have a lot of other products just check out there website..

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