MUFE Aqua creams

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I went to Sephora and got two sample of Make up for ever aqua creams red and turquoise. Their not lying when they say waterproof. Even my makeup remover didn't work. Good old soap and water worked to get it off. They do have 22 shades.
red and turquoise

I love how you don't really need much to apply over the lid. It dries quick. They are very pigmented. The red had a orange fade. When i did a look it look kinda dark red orange. I'll swatch the two colors I got so you can see both... I also went to MAC store got me two new shades carbon and burlé .. They gave me two lose pigment e/s (eyeshadow) samples grape and bronzed pink. They are beautiful together. Carbon is a black color and burlé is a nude kind of color. Carbon you can build up to get really black. A lot of people are scared of using black.. DON'T. It will not come out really black. You need to use just a little to add darkness to your crease. I had a link up for the MUFE aqua cream..It's not working, had to remove it. Blogger you later.